Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome to a Strange Dichotomy...

In early April, my family and I will fly to Jordan to work with a relief organization and some friends of ours for about two weeks. Then we will return home, and a week later, I will compete at a regional speech competition. Strange? Maybe. Wierd? Not for me. Part of my heart will always be in the Arabian desert, so returning may be tough but rewarding I hope. I do live a double life in some respects--I am involved in things right here in the US while part of me always wishes to be "over there". Somewhere in the Arabian Gulf, somewhere shining a light amongst a people who sit in darkness.
Wait! you say. The US is going down hill-- we need people to stay and fight for America: land of the free, home of the brave! I will give you two reasons. One is that simply I am not called at this point in my life to "fight" for America. Oh, I have. I campained for Romney, for a pro-traditional marriage ammendment in NC, and stood outside of an abortion mill. It is not that I do not want to "save" America. God has called me to a different battle ground. Not everyone can fight all the battles needing to be fought all across the earth. Someone needs to stop hunger, another stop abortion, another save sex trafficking victims, another stop the Supreme Court from destrying all our freedom. But also someone to seek and save the lost in the Middle East. Do you see? This--all these things--are the job of the Body of Christ as a whole! I can be called to do one specific thing and you to another. Together we can further God's kingdom and live for His glory.
My second reason may sting:America is so rich, so obese spirtitually!! We have more than 10 or fifteen versions of the Bible, Churches everywhere, and a bunch of apathetic people sitting in church and living like heathens. I have a passion for those who have never heard the gospel--never even heard that Jesus was more than just a prophet! Someone does need to awaken this nation that has become so slothful. But at this time in my life, I have not been asked to. Don't get me wrong--it is nice to be out witnessing and the person you are talking to knows a few of the 10 commandments! But the US is so sickeningly apathetic when there is SO much availiable to them at any given moment. Someone in the Middle East can go their whole life, die and go to hell before someone reaches them with the gospel, and the average American can turn on their TV and watch The Bible.
God has given me a special part of His heart for the world---when I see this couple walking, black and white, I see a lost, sick soul needing Jesus Christ. And so I will go if He will send me.
Thanks for hearing me out. This is me.