Monday, March 25, 2013

In Preparation...

Packing now... Lots of vari-colored and non-matching clothes are flung all about our dining room. My mom and I are trying to figure out outfits that are conservative enough but also wearable! (Girls, you know what I mean...) One of the main challenges is that shirts have to be almost mid-thigh in length to be worn with pants. My grandmother has lots of Indian tunics that work well in that regard, so that has been super helpful! Anyway, we will see what ends up in our luggage on the flight to NY, and from there on the Royal Jordanian Airlines to Jordan! I am excited! (Side note to guys--you have it sooo easy when it comes to packing for overseas travel. No shorts, and you are set. Be thankful! ;)
But in all seriousness, please be in prayer:
-for all the workers we will be there to bless and reinforce. May we truly be able to be a help and not a burden in any way. Pray that my whole family will have a servant's heart like Jesus exemplified, washing His disciples' feet!
-for the patients at the hospital, that my dad will be able to show the love, mercy, and light of Christ despite the language barriers.
-for all refugees and Jordanians that we come in contact with; that God will prepare their hearts to see Christ's love in and through us, and that supernaturally we will shine for Jesus like never before.
-for boldness for me and my family to speak the truth of the gospel when given the opputunity.
-for spiritual protection, and physical strength...ask God to bind Satan over our whole trip. he has been defeated already, but he sure doesn't act like it!
-Most of all, for God to be glorified, and His will fulfilled.

Thanks for being my "rope-holders" as I seek to be the hands and feet of the One who has set me free.